Klopp: Chamberlain Needs More Adaptable

Klopp: Chamberlain Needs More Adaptable

Liverpool tactician Juergen Klopp said Alex Oxlade Chamberlain could not yet appear as a starter because he still did not fully understand his strategy and straegi.

The reason, when playing a goalless draw against Manchester United last weekend which took place at Anfield, the player who came from Arsenal it just entered as a substitute.

But Klopp insists that Chambo still needs adaptation and for him to face a team like United does not need to make changes after the absence of Sadio Mane.

“Ox just takes time to adapt. He’s always bothered by a two-week international pause, just as he wants to start the next step and then the International break, “Jurgen Klopp told the media.

“So I think it makes sense to fight United that we do not do a lot of experiments because they’re good.

“They are confident about what they do, sometimes a little deeper sometimes a little more tighter. They do not need 80% of the ball to feel dominant in the game, so you need a formation where everyone knows what other players do in every situation. “

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