Egy Maulana Rela Jomblo for the Career and Timnas Indonesia

Egy Maulana Rela Jomblo for the Career and Timnas Indonesia

Egy Maulana Vikri, son of the field that became the mainstay of the Indonesian national team attack U-19 had a high dream. He wants to penetrate the top European leagues and appear in the Champions League, and of course bring the national team (timnas) Indonesia to the World Cup.

The road to get there is being pioneered by Egy Maulana. But the top scorer AFF Cup U-18 2017 does not want to be reckless. Egy chose to move slowly but surely. His concentration in strengthening the Indonesian national team U-19 also did not want to split.

Especially in the near future, Indonesia national team will appear in the Asian Cup U-19. When going to the semifinals, Egy Maulana with Garuda Nusantara will appear in the U-20 World Cup.

For the sake of this aspiration, Egy is willing far from her home. After deciding to migrate to Jakarta, Egy also intends to continue his career abroad. He wants to appear in the elite leagues and hopes to play in the Champions League. Thus, his ability will be more honed and can provide a more mesmerizing performance with the Indonesian national team.

For this purpose, Egy does not want to be half-hearted. For the sake of his career, Egy even willing to sing. This determination and aspiration delivered Egy while visiting recently. In the interview program of Corner 6, Egy also tells a lot about her past.

Egy since childhood was already infatuated with the skin round. Incidentally, he was also born in a soccer family. His father is a former footballer who is now a coach at Tashbi Soccer School (SSB) in Medan. His father was also the first to coach him.

As ‘Anak Medan’, Egy also has memories with PSMS Medan. Although finally idolized Barcelona, ​​players born July 7, 2000 it still remember the first time watching the Kinantan Chicken match at Stadium Teladan, Medan, North Sumatra.

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