Barcelona willingly sell players to bring Coutinho to Camp Nou

Barcelona willingly sell players to bring Coutinho to Camp Nou

Oscar Grau who is the CEO of Barcelona really want to really bring Phillippe Coutinho from the Reds in the winter transfer market, for the implementation of transfer Coutinho, the Barcelona willing to release some players to further paved his steps to get services Coutinho.

Barca has been since the transfer market early this season is already targeting Coutinho to be Barcelona squad, but unfortunately the Reds do not want to release Coutinho and refused Barcelona bid with the raw.

With the rejection of last summer Barcelona still do not want to give up to get the 25-year-old player to Camp Nou, Grau will continue to make every effort to buy Coutinho at the turn of the year, and is taking an approach with the players concerned as well.

“We are very ready to buy Coutinho on winter transfer, or any player requested by the club technical staff, Grau said

Buying Phillippe Coutinho, Grau knows is not an easy thing, especially related to the financial affairs of the team, So Grau is ready to sacrifice other players by selling it enough to be able to buy a player of the Brazilian nationality.

“We have to forget the price paid by PSG at Neymar last summer. After taxes, we received 190 million euros in revenues and that gave the club 145 million euros in cash, but it’s also important for us to adjust. So, if there are players who join, there must also be players who come out, “lid Grau explained.

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