McClair: Pogba Must Play Striking

McClair: Pogba Must Play Striking

Manchester United legend Brian McClair hopes Jose Mourinho can play Paul Pogba more offensively next season.

The French midfielder was more played as anchor, in the 2016/17 season ago, and McClair felt that the position has reduced the potential possessed by Pogba.

“In a couple of games, I saw Paul Pogba was in the wrong place, and it restrained his original ability, the ability that made Man United decide to bring him back.”

“The attributes possessed by Pogba are all attacking attributes.”

“He can provide feedback, pass the opposing players, and have a fantastic ability. He can also create goals. ”

“In order for him to have an opportunity to succeed at Old Trafford, Pogba must play in the final third of the field as often as possible.”

After Giving Description in Court, Ronaldo Made 215 Reporters Disappointed

After Giving Description in Court, Ronaldo Made 215 Reporters Disappointed

A total of 215 media crew who covered Cristiano Ronaldo giving testimony in court, had to swallow the disappointment Situs Poker Online. The Real Madrid star left the court without giving any details.

Ronaldo came to Madrid court on Monday (7/31/2017). The 32-year-old attacker provided information regarding allegations of tax evasion that had been placed on him.

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After that, Ronaldo is scheduled to give a press release at 13.00 local time. After some time, Ronaldo was immediately left the location where the journalists gathered. He declined to give a press release.

Inaki Torres from Gestifute, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent, who explains to the long-awaited media crew. It promised to provide information as soon as possible.

A BBC journalist, Richard Conway, through his twitter account @richard_conway uploaded photos with information that the media crew was disappointed with Ronaldo’s stance refusing to give a statement even though the pulpit had been prepared.

He also revealed what Ronaldo delivered during the trial. According to him, Ronaldo never had the intention of avoiding the obligation to pay taxes.