Finally Moving To Everton, Sigurdsson Confessed Relief

Finally Moving To Everton, Sigurdsson Confessed Relief

Gylfi Sigurdsson has spoken of his relief when he finally joined Everton for £ 45m from Swansea City.

The 27-year-old has been Everton’s most expensive player. SIgurdsson became the peak spending summer manager Ronald Koeman who surpassed 140 million pounds to date.

Koeman is ready to enter the Icelandic midfielder into his squad for the Premier League game against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. Unfortunately, Sigurdsson admits that he may not be ready to play for the full 90 minutes for his new team.

“It took some time to complete this transfer. I will not lie, sometimes I am mentally depressed in the days before the transfer is completed. I and the Swansea manager Paul Clement, and all his staff, have a very good relationship. We talked directly, did not turn each other back, and always had an honest conversation, “he said.

Want to keep creating goals

Since the season has ended, Sigurdsson has indeed told Swansea will consider if any offers come. Last season, he became an important actor in the struggle The Swans escaped relegation.

“After a long and difficult season last year, I told them if anything came up, I wanted to be open to it and we agreed to go through it day after day. But I am relieved to finally be here and I just want to play well for Everton. I put pressure on myself to score goals and create them. That’s what I need to focus on, “continued Sigurdsson.

“Am I fit to play for 90 minutes? Probably not 90 minutes. Players usually start with 45 minutes in pre-season and then build it from there. I have been training well in recent weeks, but I only need a few minutes to play again before I play for the full 90 minutes, “said the attacking midfielder.

“I just want to play well here. This club has high ambitions and we want to continue the progress that has taken place over the last few years here. This is a rising club and I want to be part of our progress, “said Sigurdsson. (Source: ESPN)

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