Inspiration Gianluca Pagiluca Behind Inter Milan’s New Goalkeeping Decision

Daniele Padelli diperkenalkan sebagai pemain baru Inter Milan, Sabtu (8/7/2017).

Inspiration Gianluca Pagiluca Behind Inter Milan’s New Goalkeeping Decision
The new goalkeeper of Inter Milan, Daniele Padelli, pointed Gianluca Pagiluca as a figure who inspired his move to Giuseppe Meazza Sbobet Casino.

Padelli did admire Pagiluca when defending Inter Milan. With a Nerazzurri uniform, the nickname of the club, the owner of the last name underwent 165 games in five years.

While still a child, Padelli also witnessed how Pagiluca bring Inter Milan won the UEFA Cup title (now called Europa League) 1997 edition.

“I also have a Pagiluca uniform sticker in Inter, then I cover the face with a photo and a name of myself,” said Padelli.

On the basis of the desire to follow in the footsteps of the idol, Padelli decided to join Inter Milan on a free transfer in summer 2017. He rejected the proposal from a number of clubs.

Only, Padelli might not be able to play regularly like Pagiluca when in uniformed Inter Milan. Because, that status is already inherent in Samir Handanovic.

Padelli did not necessarily feel discouraged and claimed to be ready to work with the number one goalkeeper.

“I can learn a lot from Handanovic, he looks like a machine and is very professional, Handanovic is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe,” Padelli said.

Because of the existence of Handanovic also, the 31-year-old figure was not getting the number one back cost that had worn Pagiluca. Instead, he chose the number 27.

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